Akuma                                               Able                                           Zangief

                    Balrog                                              Blanka                                          Cammy
                                E.Honda                                          El Fuerte               

                     Fei Long                                          Gen                                              Gouken

                    Guile                                                 Ken                                              M.Bison

                    Rose                                                Rufus                                             Ryo

                     Sagat                                               Sakura                                           Seth

                     Chun Li                                             Seth                                               Vega


  1. Okay this is the character board.It works like this, push the name under the picture of the character you want to learn more about. But so far only 3 characters are fully usable but im working on the rest as fast as i can but the characters that are useable are: Able, Ken and Ryo so please check them out.